Venture Meda

Tuba: Revolutionizing Ethiopian Literature

Tuba is revolutionizing access to Ethiopian books with its digital platform, offering eBooks and audiobooks that can be conveniently accessed through its mobile application. Founded by Dagnachew Tesfaye and Leykun Yilma, both software engineering graduates from Addis Ababa University, Tuba combines technical expertise with business acumen to provide a seamless reading experience.

The decision to join the Venture Meda program was driven by Tuba’s commitment to continuous learning and improvement. The program’s reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship made it an ideal fit, providing invaluable opportunities for networking and growth.

Since its launch in March 2022, Tuba’s mobile application has garnered over 40,000 downloads on Google Play Store and App Store, offering a vast digital library of more than 100 eBooks and audiobooks from over 70 Ethiopian authors. The platform aims to make Ethiopian literature easily accessible and affordable for readers everywhere.

Tuba not only benefits readers but also empowers authors. By allowing writers to publish their books digitally free of charge, Tuba provides a platform for their work to reach a broader audience. Authors also earn a fair royalty from every sale, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for Ethiopian literature.

The startup encountered challenges in convincing authors to embrace digital publishing. The book publishing and distribution industry’s lack of trustworthiness and limited digital literacy among authors posed initial hurdles. However, through perseverance and building trust over time, Tuba was able to demonstrate the potential and reliability of their platform, forging strong partnerships with authors.

Reaching the milestone of 1000 paying customers was a significant achievement for Tuba. It reinforced the team’s belief in their product and its value to readers. This accomplishment served as a testament to their ability to transform ideas into tangible reality.

For those entering the field, Tuba emphasizes the tremendous opportunities in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. They highlight technology as a fundamental enabler for solving community problems, urging aspiring tech enthusiasts to think beyond the technology itself and consider how it can address real-world challenges.

Staying up to date with the latest industry trends is crucial for Tuba. Through collaborations with renowned names in literature and publishing, Tuba remains at the forefront of industry developments. Additionally, their tech background and enthusiasm for innovation drive them to actively engage with local publications and industry leaders.

Tuba’s current focus is on enhancing user experience and expanding its library based on valuable feedback from early adopters, authors, narrators, and other stakeholders. By incorporating suggestions and continuously scaling its operations, Tuba aims to reach a wider audience, fulfilling their vision of making Ethiopian literature an integral part of the publishing industry.

With their young and vibrant team, Tuba is poised to grow and make a lasting impact. Their collective spirit and commitment to their vision radiate not only among team members but also among authors, narrators, and all those who interact with the brand.

As printing costs rise and digital presence increases, Tuba envisions itself as an essential player in the publishing industry. Through constant innovation, scalable operations, and a user-centric approach, Tuba is determined to stay relevant and provide a wholesome reading experience for Ethiopian book enthusiasts.