Venture Meda



Participation to the accelerator program is free and available to teams or companies in Ethiopia offering e-commerce products/services that address real-life problems. Eligible applicants must be registered, provide legal documents, and meet the following criteria:

Resides in Ethiopia

Founders aged 18 to 35

Minimum team size of two

Six months of post-revenue generation, with profitability sustained for at least three months

Presence of an e-commerce product or service in the market

Adoption of suitable technology demonstrating technical feasibility

Demonstrated growth potential with a revenue stream for scalability and sustainability

Commitment to creating job opportunities, aiming for at least 18 jobs annually

The program encourages female entrepreneurs, women-led businesses, and individuals facing challenges such as disabilities, internal displacement, and refugees to participate.

Eligibility considerations are not exhaustive and account for factors relevant to the applicant.

The application is now closed. The next application will be announced soon

Apply now. Deadline

March 30, 2024

Venture Meda helped us explore new perspectives and approaches for our business through their technical support.”

Abeba Lijalem, Medaf

” Venture Meda helped us outline our growth strategy as well as craft our brand”

Samrawit Tarekegn, Mogzit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Venture Meda program?

Venture Meda is a five-year program designed to foster job creation by empowering early-stage e-commerce startups through incubation and acceleration. Its services encompass technical advisory from industry leaders, boot camps, market identification, connections with tech partners and investors, and seed funding.

Accelerator program is designed to support the scaling of growth-stage startups, (in this case e-commerce startups). It typically provides resources, mentorship, and infrastructure to help these startups succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of what we officer under the incubation program:

Mentorship:  Experienced mentors and advisors offer guidance on various aspects of business development, such as product development, marketing strategies, financial planning, and networking.

Business Diagnosis: experts assess all aspects of the business model and identify the gaps and strengths to recommend the wayforward. 

Workspace: Startups will be provided with access to office space or coworking facilities, which can include amenities like internet access, meeting rooms, and other necessary infrastructure.

Networking Opportunities: the program facilitates connections with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential customers, and investors, helping startups expand their networks and access valuable resources.

Access to Funding: this program will provide a limited amount of seed funding to fill the most relevant needs of the business. It  also helps startups prepare for fundraising by connecting them with investors or assisting in the development of pitch materials.

Training and Workshops: Bootcamps and training sessions are offered to help startups develop essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of building a successful business.

Founders Breakfast: this is a great opportunity to meet, network and share experiences with leading entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists in an informal setting. The purpose of this event is to foster a sense of community among founders, share knowledge, learn from each other’s experiences, and possibly get access to investment opportunities .

The program will last for 6 months. Once startups complete the program, there will be a televised demo day where they can showcase their products and services to the public.

After the end of the six-month program, startups will be part of the alumni community where several opportunities and information will be shared and support can be provided as needed. 

Iceaddis has made available an online e-learning platform for SMEs that aspire to sell their products online.

We also have a support program called 3PMP. Sign up and we will share more information.